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DiveHeater Operation

Unit Set Up
For unit set up connect your submersable pump or direct water source to your DiveHeater unit's water inlet fitting. Connect your diver outlet hose lines to the proper fittings and adjust the valving to correspond with the number of divers you are utilizing. Closing one of the outlet valves for one diver operation or opening both valves for two diver operation. Plug in or turn on your water source and your DiveHeater unit. With the outlet hoses still disconnected from your diver suits purge any water previously sitting in the DiveHeater unit and adjust the heater's theromostat before connecting to diver suits.

Temperature Adjust
Turn main thermostat to 175˚ F. Making sure your cold water mixing valve is in the full open position. Make any necessary adjustment to the locked diver mixing valve by opening the locking mechanism with an allen wrench. This mixing valve adjusts the final temperature out of the DiveHeater unit by adding the hot water generated by the DiveHeater and cold water bypassed from your water source before reaching your divers. Make sure the temperature is appropriate for the diving distance and water temperature for your dive. The mixing valve is initially set at 110˚ F. You can watch the temperature adjustment by viewing the temperature on the diver out gage.

Inside Cabinet
Inside the DiveHeater cabinet there is a redundant saftey valve set at 120˚ F. The valve is closed at default state and only opens when powered. If water temperature spikes past high limit mark the valve will close and will not let water through. If you need to pump water higher than 120˚ F to your diver you will first need to adjust this valve before adjusting the final mix valve located on the front DiveHeater panel. Make any DiveHeater thermostat adjustments with hoses disconnected from dive suits.

Unit Shut Down
Turn main thermostat to off position with unit still running. Let unit cool by watching temperature gages until unit reaches acceptable cool level. Turn off water source then DiveHeater unit. Unplug your unit, hoses and store.

Cold Water Storage
To prevent damage to your unit in cold weather conditions keep water flowing until your DiveHeater unit can be prepared for storage. Turn off thermostat and cool system. Next, turn off water source and connect air commpressor to the water inlet line with a Chicago fitting. With DiveHeater unit on blow air through system until all water is evacuated from coil, pump and hoses. Unplug unit and store until future use.

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