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Cold Water Diving For Gold With Dive Heater

The crew of the Blue Water Gold has shared some pictures of their two boats, the Havilah & Ophir in Nome Harbor. On the boat deck of the Ophir is their new oil fired dive heater which produces enough heat to keep two divers warm in the cold waters off the coast of Nome, Alaska. From their website: 

"Blue Water Gold, LLC., was formed to use state of the art technology to mine the gold bearing sands off of the coast of Nome, Alaska. During the early 1900’s, over 5 million ounces of gold were recovered above the high tide mark and beaches above. The value of that gold today would be approximately $8,000,000,000. Technology at that time did not allow for the mining of offshore sands. Over thousands of years, the ocean levels have changed many times, creating 3 distinct shore lines. Only through modern technology can these offshore veins of gold be reached. Blue Water Gold believes that we can reach these rich veins and produce an average of 20 to 30 ounce of placer gold per day.   Blue Water Gold has isolated strategic leases of the sands in Nome, Alaska, and will use the most up to date technology, professional underwater divers, geologists and the most highly skilled personnel to achieve this goal."

Viewed below you can see the DiveHeater unit ready to go.  Thanks for sharing and warm diving!

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